Smash Enigmas’ Textures

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“Smash Enigmas is mainly a collaborative machinima group founded by Tiamat475. However, as time passed, texture hacks became more available and easier to use. Texture Hacks prove to be especially useful in machinimating. Members of Smash Enigmas began making textures, and thus, the blog was created. It’s a nice way to showcase, y’know?

Even though we may showcase our textures, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to make them all downloadable. Just to let you know.”



We’ll put this to rest…however…

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As everyone in SE is getting ready to Machinimate again, posting textures has become a thing of the past. However, as textures become a major influence of the Smash Machinima community, I will be releasing textures shown in Tales of Smash on my site; specifically held for my series.

We’re officially going to say that we’re done with posting on this site and therefore leaving it dead.

Hyrule Textures – Now Available for download!

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Both High-in demand textures are now available. I’ve held you guys back long enough, and it’s time that I should allow a public download rather than allowing it through “private downloads”. Think of this as an early Christmas gift. Have fun!


Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

You won’t be seeing textures again anytime soon…

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Looks like we’ve forgotten about this site. We’re next on the list to be heading into sleep for texture hacking. Many of you already know our inactivity for textures, and that’s because we’ve run dry of ideas or are too busy with other factors. On a side note, we’ll also be including downloads for several of the “high-in-demand” textures; specifically the Hyrule ext. and int. textures. Once again, consider our texture team done for a looooong time. Perhaps we may start recruiting if there is anyone left up for texturing; otherwise we’ll be quitting textures for lack of interest. We’ll let you guys know when we’re done. So…

Good day, for now~

-The Smash Enigmas Team

Ain’t this a peaceful town?

•September 28, 2009 • 4 Comments

Hyrule Castle Ext I

Welcome to Hyrule Castle Town! Or rather…the exterior of the castle.

Hyrule Castle Ext II

Some presence of grass along with the castle walkways.

Hyrule Castle Ext III

The designs are taken directly from Twilight Princess itself, thankfully.

Hyrule Castle Ext IV

Floating land masses of grass and stone, how dandy.

Download here!

Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

Smash-Kun joins the Brawl II!

•September 16, 2009 • 2 Comments

SmashKun I

Smash-Kun has joined the brawl with a revamp!

Aside from what Pat has done with the first version, I, of course still give some credibility for revamp #2, as some things were left from version 1.

SmashKun II

Nice new headgear! Woah-hey! The scouter is Semi-transparent!? (Thanks picano for your help)

SmashKun III

The headgear, blaster and reflector were given a nice new golden polish including the back initials.

SmashKun IV

Seems the Smashing Kunler of Time really does live up to his name…

Mr. Cavan joins the brawl! (V. II)

•August 31, 2009 • 1 Comment

Mr C I

Mr. Cavan arrives once again!… Not much has changed, has it?


He’s got a new hat, and that’s where he now puts his Sunkern insignia.


As for his ears, they now bear a new symbol. One can only wonder why he gives himself the title of “Dark Lightning”…


When he grabs a Smash Ball, his eyes show a previously-unseen side to him, a darker, almost dervish side.

Please remember to credit Cavan upon use!

Download here!

Out of ideas…or low on updates? Both!

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All of us will be returning to school and I, myself, will be heading into college. Obviously, this means we don’t have much time to think of textures. As I try to concentrate more on my new series ‘Tales of Smash‘, I may update more with textures because A LOT of it will be used. Depending on how much schoolwork I’ve got, it varies. Hopefully for the others, they may be able to come up with new ideas for their textures. For now, consider us temporarily semi-inactive.