A not-so-zoologically-friendly texture hack.

Animal Fur Climbers I

The Ice Climbers have traded their standard pink-and-blue garb for some new threads.

Animal Fur Climbers II

A tiger’s stripes decorate Popo’s new coat.

Animal Fur Climbers III

While Nana’s coat came from a panda, judging from the black and white color.

Animal Fur Climbers IV

They’ve got new hammers too; stone-headed ones at that. Guess they needed them to get the skin off of those poor animals.

Please remember to credit Cavan upon use!

Download here!


~ by Mr. Cavan on June 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “A not-so-zoologically-friendly texture hack.”

  1. I’m downloading this right away! Nice work, Cav!

  2. Looks nice, but it must have been painful for the animals. Dx

  3. nice, ive also seen leopard print and zebra stripes ice climbers ;D

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