Commander of Palutena’s Army

The angel from Skyworld has been promoted to General of Palutena’s army. To become General though, he had to undergo a complete body change. His hair became red, his wings turned gold, his toga became a light blue, and his undergarments became a vivid scarlet color.

 Palutena’s Bow underwent a transformation too. The Sapphire turned Emerald as the gemstone of the winds, and the gold edges became a stronger bronze.

General Pit I

From the looks of it, his colors really do make his title as general stand out.

General Pit II

Golden circlet, wings, and sandals. What more could you have?

General Pit III

The bow is gilded with bronze and possibly emerald.


~ by magnasmash293 on June 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Commander of Palutena’s Army”

  1. ah thats magna…so many colors lol

  2. download?

  3. You should release this *hint*

  4. Best Pit I’ve seen!! Download PLEASE!!!

  5. This really is a fantastic costume. I love the original costumes much more than the “Random unrelated game character” ones. ‘Can’t wait for the download c:

  6. Ive decided, once any of my textures (besides a few) have made any appearances in at least one machinima of mine, then I’ll release them.

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