A desolate barren land…

Devastated Mountain

It sure is devastated when you got an erupting volcano in the background.

Devastated Mountain I

Ah, more dead trees!? Seriously, this is getting out of hand…for the tree lovers anyways.

Devastated Mountain II

Clay…stone…and wooden wheel in a place like this? People ‘ought to build fire proof metal here.

Devastated Mountain III

That’s one tough Obsidian. Careful now!

Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

Download here!

Preview Video


~ by Tiamat475 on July 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “A desolate barren land…”

  1. Holy..!

    This is epic! *dnowloads*

  2. Um, Tiamat, when I downloaded the texture, I got a completely different texture than the one shown in the pictures. You might want to fix that.

  3. Should be fixed now…

    • Alright, updated again after learning it still wasn’t the right texture. There seems to be a bug with megaupload coinciding with other textures on there, so I’ve moved the file to mediafire.

  4. Wow Tony, this is my favorite texture of yours. You DESERVE more credit!

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