Welcome to Hell!

Hell I

A far-removed area of a cavernous, floating island. Here, it seems a lot less dangerous than it really is.

Hell II

Star-patterned blocks aren’t known to hold items in Cave Story, but they do here.

Hell III

The lifts are now blocks with an eye design.

Hell IV

The pipes have a more detailed design, but they’re still blocked off and unable to enter.

Please remember to credit Cavan upon use!

Download here!


~ by Mr. Cavan on July 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Hell!”

  1. Brilliant, Cavan. Absoultely brilliant.

  2. Nice job. If my Brawl disc was working I would download this right away.

  3. pretty nice place you got here…and the welcoming was so polite! we should come here more often!

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