The Mercenary member returns to the team

Assault Falco

The member of Star Fox; Falco Lombardi arrives in his Assault costume.

Assault Falco II

It’s obvious all birds prefer the air…or perhaps space in this case…

Assault Falco III

It is said that Falco’s flying skills exceed that of Fox’s…however…

Assault Falco IV

Hey Einstein! Lend a hand on the battlefield, would ya?!

Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

Download here!


~ by Tiamat475 on July 24, 2009.

14 Responses to “The Mercenary member returns to the team”

  1. Oh jeez, another epic Assault texture made by Tiamat. Good job. It’s not going to be long until others ask for this texture to be put up for download along with Assault Fox, though. XD

  2. Another entry in the string of Assault hacks. I’m highly impressed (not to mention pleased) with one. It’s been a while since I’ve played Assault, but I remember what Falco looked like, and you got just about every single detail.

    Now if only the Cracker Launcher could be hacked to look like the Rocket Launcher from the game. Then you could recreate Falco’s official art. Nonetheless, this is accurate and amazing.

  3. Hands off my bread >:|

  4. Yet another fantastic rendition of Assault to Brawl. Awesomez~.

  5. Awesome Texture!

  6. Very nice texture! Please release it soon. (I’ve seen so many excellent textures disappear into the abyss from not being release, I have become very impatient.)

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