Lord O’Donnell the almighty leader of Star Wolf

Assault Wolf I

Despite the minor changes, he has received a pretty neat looking blaster.

Assault Wolf II

Small tweaks were made to make it look like the Assault costume. Now with sleeves. None the less, a texture is a texture.

Assault Wolf III

On the back is the level 2 power up laser from SF: Assault.

Assault Wolf IV

Might as well make a Wolf Assault texture along with the other two, right? It really does fit for those who want a full Assault texture collection.

Credits to Midnight Shaymin for the idea of the texture.

Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

Download here!


~ by Tiamat475 on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Lord O’Donnell the almighty leader of Star Wolf”

  1. You did a nice job with this. :p

    Leave Assault Corneria to me, though. please. It’ll give me a LARGE stage project to do, since, to be honest, my recent stage textures have just been random things, really.

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