Tooniyo Elliyo Joins The Brawl!

•August 23, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Tooniyo Elliyo, Voice Actor and friend of Magnasmash293, has joined the Brawl!

Tooniyo Elliyo I

Toony man… Dude. No way… Serious? Cool.

Tooniyo Elliyo II

His  name is inscribed in blue on his blade.

Tooniyo Elliyo III

Tooniyo Elliyo III

Another Machinima to audition for!

Tooniyo Elliyo IV

Don’t mess with the Toons!


Lord O’Donnell the almighty leader of Star Wolf

•August 17, 2009 • 1 Comment

Assault Wolf I

Despite the minor changes, he has received a pretty neat looking blaster.

Assault Wolf II

Small tweaks were made to make it look like the Assault costume. Now with sleeves. None the less, a texture is a texture.

Assault Wolf III

On the back is the level 2 power up laser from SF: Assault.

Assault Wolf IV

Might as well make a Wolf Assault texture along with the other two, right? It really does fit for those who want a full Assault texture collection.

Credits to Midnight Shaymin for the idea of the texture.

Please remember to credit Tiamat475 upon use!

Download here!

Who’s holding all the cards now?

•August 14, 2009 • 2 Comments

Card Climbers I

It’s the Ice Climbers! And they’re showing their love for playing cards!

Card Climbers II

Popo’s dressed in red, with the club symbol on his hood.

Card Climbers III

Nana has a red diamond symbol on her black coat.

Card Climbers IV

The spade and heart symbols are shown on their hammers, which match their respective coats in color.

Please remember to credit Cavan upon use!

Download here!

Assault Textures – Downloads now available!

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Assault Falco Fox McCloud (Assault)

Yup, I’ve decided to release them only due to the fact that someone persuaded me into it and partially due to such high demand (man, you guys really wanted the textures!). You can find the download links within these images OR in their respective sections.

“Go get em tiger!”

Sounds – possibly musical – heard in the night…

•August 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Eversion I

A strange freeware-born land… Looks peaceful.

Eversion II

The blocks have happy faces, and the bricks are a gaudy red; taken from the first area of Eversion.

Eversion III

Fans of the game may ask “Where are the gems?” Luckily, here they are.

Eversion IV

Yeah, the flagpole’s there too, also taken from the original game.

Please remember to credit Cavan upon use!

Download here!

Magnasmash293 joins the brawl II!

•August 7, 2009 • 3 Comments

Magnasmash293 I

He’s back! With an all-new look!

Magnasmash293 II

His new look is darker, but don’t let that fool you.

Magnasmash293 III

Got a new gun.

Magnasmash293 IV

It seems like he’s getting ready for his curbstomp.