The Texture Team

The Texture Team is part of Smash Enigmas, although Smash Enigmas is originally a Collaborative Machinima Group. By the time members were able to succeed in creating Texture hacks, a Texture Team grew out of it. Now we are both a Machinima and a Texture team.


Tiamat475 is the founder of Smash Enigmas. He is the most experienced Photoshop user going straight for 6 years. He was the first in the group to figure out textures before the SD loader came in. He does most of the technical stuff in the group.


PitNLinkProductions just barely learned how to Photoshop. Surprisingly, he has shown promises with his textures and most of them are admittedly pretty good!


Magnasmash293 was the first in the Smash Enigmas group to obtain and learn the basics of Photoshop. Most of his works consist of multiple colors. Heheh, ain’t that original?


Cavan has only recently gotten interested in the field of texture hacking, but he has quickly picked up on learning how to texture hack himself. He wishes to make a variety of both stage and character hacks.


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