Q: Can I request a texture?

  • A: We don’t take requests.

Q: How do you make those textures?

  • A: Photoshop. If you want more details, youtube/google is your friend.

Q: Will any of these textures be available for download?

  • A: Only some will, depending on the creator’s choice. If a texture is in high demand and does NOT contain “Exclusive for Machinima purposes”, then a download may be included.

Q: Can I join the texture team?

  • A: You must be recommended by someone in the Smash Enigmas Team. This is being enforced by a majority vote from the Smash Enigmas group.

Q: I’ve got great textures though! Now can I join!?

  • A quote from raptorking2000: Skill is a plus for us but it isn’t the ‘main focus’. In other words we do not look for skills in general. We look for creativity and originality in most textures. Not only that, it’s depended on the texture creators themselves to enjoy being around the SE texture team.

Q: I need help with -insert problem here-

  • We can attempt to help you, but we cannot guarantee we have all the answers.

Q: What if I have been accepted? What do I do?

  • You can post your textures on this site for show-off purposes. Smash Enigmas is a very open group, if you are part of another texture team we will allow you to post as many textures as you wish. However, we do have restrictions for posting. You can contact Tiamat475 for more details on posting a texture.

Q: How do we know when to join?

  • Just keep watch of our channel that may provide auditions one day. Remember…we’re not mainly focused on talent/creativity, but also many other things that make YOU be a part of Smash Enigmas’  texture team.

5 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. I’ve got a question. What are the requirements on joining the group, or is this an invite only thing?

  2. You guys are great at recolors. ^_^
    May I make a suggestion? A white furred Diddy Kong, with a black outfit ^_^

  3. Hello Guys i have a question
    can you tell me how to make a texture like the lightning mr. game & watch (video to show you what i mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knGgp6uFYjg) i think the G6W has an orb effect, right?

    • I, personally, haven’t textured a G&W, but the texture in the video looks like a subspace G&W. The orb effect is presence in the actual G&W texture (which would take some work to edit and may require hexing). I suggest getting the Subspace G&W texture, instead. (correct me if I’m wrong, anyone)

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