The Roster


Smash-Kun V.2 Wolf O Donnell (Assault)

Falco Lombardi (Assault) Fox McCloud (Assault) Sage of Reliability

Sage of Friendship Sage of Courage Sage of Valor

Tiamat475 V.2 PitNLinkProductions V.1 Tiamat475 V.1


Smash-Kun Coporal Waters Sergeant Trent Masters II

Lieutenant Breaker Biker Sonic PitNLinkProductions II


Tooniyo Elliyo

Magnasmash293 V.2 General Pit Captain Zenuun

Brador Zakath Royal Link

Lt. Virgil Green Camo Marth Magnasmash293


Cavan v.2

Card Climbers Heavy Mole Knight PS2 ROB

Circuit G&W Animal Fur Climbers Cavan


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