You won’t be seeing textures again anytime soon…

Looks like we’ve forgotten about this site. We’re next on the list to be heading into sleep for texture hacking. Many of you already know our inactivity for textures, and that’s because we’ve run dry of ideas or are too busy with other factors. On a side note, we’ll also be including downloads for several of the “high-in-demand” textures; specifically the Hyrule ext. and int. textures. Once again, consider our texture team done for a looooong time. Perhaps we may start recruiting if there is anyone left up for texturing; otherwise we’ll be quitting textures for lack of interest. We’ll let you guys know when we’re done. So…

Good day, for now~

-The Smash Enigmas Team


~ by Tiamat475 on November 15, 2009.

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